About the website

Det blev handgemäng is a squeaking wagon wheel making it's way through the wasteland, the echoing sound of the bugalĂș when the last guest at the bar has been thrown out, the silent walk towards the casino the day after you lost your job.
Det blev handgemäng is a band. It is also a writer. And a photographer. Mostly they work separately, but also together, combining their different forms of expression in their anachronistic artistic world.

The Band

It will take forever until that day is no longer spoken of; an epic scuffle that is long to be forgotten. Johansson, Jansson, Svensson and Engberg rolled up their sleeves and took on the crowd. Ferocious music rose up out of the cloud of dust surrounding the fight. Old rusty guitars, a crooked bass fiddle and drums was their weaponry. Heavy breaths, hollers and yelps formed a shrill and relentless song of lament.

The Writer

Awaiting better times. Words will appear.

The Photographer

I am the Photographer. I take pictures.


To be able to navigate this website although you might not speak swedish we've made you a small dictionary. Enjoy.

Det blev handgemäng:
There was a scuffle or fistycuffs
Senaste nytt: Latest news
Orkestern: The band
Skribenten: The writer
Fotografen: The photographer
Klämmig bit: A real zippy tune

Finns i sjön: "It's in the lake"; a card game that satisfies you to the max.

Icelanda: To, in a sneaky fashion, when playing "It's in the lake", steal one of your opponents hard-earned three of a kind.

Dumsnäll: An expression for a specific drum pattern. Has the same meaning as "to be naively foolish", but if translated directly you get "mean-kind". First Emanuel hits the drum because it is bad and then he pats it because it did good.

Bambinobonken: The bambino bonk; a blow to the crown of someones head, straight from above. Bambino is a character from the film "They call me Trinity", and bonk is an onomatopoetic word (describing the sound effect of the blow).